Project INN_able Foundation

is an independent and impartial, international non-governmental organization investing in a peaceful future for children and youth affected by conflicts and poverty.

With INN_able Youth Projects, we create a contagious passion & form the next generation

Our Vision

Project INN_able is a youth-driven foundation that promotes critical thinking, shapes, social responsibility and enhances self-efficacy through creative philosophy projects and the formation of leaders.

Our Mission

In a world overflowing with complex issues, we feel it is crucial to provide a space where young people can explore topics that matter to them and express themselves creatively, emerging as capable, considerate thinkers with ideas worth sharing.

Our Objective

Project INN_able is committed to inspiring young people through philosophical dialogue, creative projects, and leadership skills.


Our creativity camps, clubs and workshops encourage teens and the youth to wonder aloud about life’s big questions, then share their ideas and creative works.

Project INN_able

Project INN_able also responds to the specific and intersectional needs and priorities of vulnerable and marginalized individuals, particularly women and girls, recognizes their knowledge and abilities, and ensures that they are consulted and are able to equally participate in making and implementing decisions.

  • To promote the psychological well-being of children and adolescents living in vulnerable situations.
  • To protect them from violence, abuse and neglect.
  • To provide them with a dignified life and support in their healthy development.
  • To nurture them with culture and heritage.


To assist vulnerable children and youth in times of conflicts and crisis and provide them with humanitarian interventions and developmental aid.

The poverty, high-density populations and environmental degradation affecting people in developing countries make them the most vulnerable to disasters and least able to help themselves when emergencies occur.

Complex humanitarian situations also affect the world’s poorest countries disproportionately. Our assistance focuses on short-term interventions and does not aim to address the root causes of poverty or conflict, nor can it substitute for long-term development efforts.


Do youth ideas have a role to play in the public arena?

Should we relay the thoughts of young people in the media?

Can youth creations influence our societies?

You will be amazed by the reflections of young thinkers who participate in our camps. Encouraged by the philosophical facilitation,

 our young philosophers will prove that their ideas must be heard!